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    Astoria Wine Group, Inc. is a California based broker of premium wines, selling to the finest wine shops and restaurant in California. As a broker of fine California wines, we must conduct our business in adherence to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations and sell only to licensed ABC establishments. We are prohibited from selling directly to the public, but will be happy to direct consumers to wine purveyors throughout our distribution area. Please contact us via e-mail or phone. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest level of customer service and the superior quality and value of the wines in our portfolio. We hope you enjoy viewing our website and please feel free to contact us for more information on any of the wines we have to offer you.

    The Team

    Since 1984, Steven Croff, owner of Astoria Wine Group, has been dedicated to bringing the highest caliber wines to his customers throughout California. A leader in regional wine marketing, specializing in premium and super-premium wines, Steven helps client wineries achieve distribution in top retail and restaurant accounts.

    Astoria Wine Group relies on long-term relationships and modern marketing strategies to support the sales growth of their clients' products. They provide great wines to their customers, who place them in the finest restaurant and retail locations. Astoria Wine Group is an expert wine broker that is committed to providing you with beautifully diverse wines of the highest quality. All of us at Astoria Wine Group have expert knowledge in the wine industry, and we pool our array of talent and experience to provide you with the finest and most individualistic wines of California.

    Astoria Wine Group is proud of winning the 1987 Gold Metal and Bronze metal in the Orange County State Fair.

  • The Team

    Sales Person
    Susan (Susie) Ellis Finance/ Human Resources 209-954-9463 ellis-s@sbcglobal.net
    Jolana Wyman Team support, Office coordinator 209-954-9463 orderproc@astoriawinegroup.com
    Rose Avina Fresno - Visalia - Bakersfield 209-288-8437 rosea@astoriawinegroup.com
    Mark Johnson Humboldt and Mendocino Counties 707-813-8183 markdj@mcn.org
    Ricki Flores Sonoma County 209-968-8709 rickif@astoriawinegroup.com
    Sean Bossler South and North Lake Tahoe 530-448-0702 Sean.bossler@gmail.com
    Mark Ellis General Manager and Stockton, Delta, Manteca, Tracy 209-471-9463 marke@astoriawinegroup.com
    Tanya Hacker Sacramento - Roseville 916-612-0684 tanyah@astoriawinegroup.com
    Kristin Page Chico - Redding 530-949-1974 kristinp@astoriawinegroup.com
    Mike McLeod Napa Valley 707-246-9426 mikem@astoriawinegroup.com
    Scott Olsen Modesto - Sierra Foothills 209-576-1173 scotto@astoriawinegroup.com
    Jim Swingle Sacramento – Davis – Vacaville – Roseville – Cameron Park – Elk Grove 916-212-9463 jsfunwine@gmail.com
    Niklaus Schuhl Mammoth 760-709-6375 nschuhl@gmail.com


  • Baldacci Famiy Vineyard

    Tom and Brenda Baldacci fell in love with the Napa Valley in 1998. Their purchase of the 28.7 acre vineyard parcel, located in the heart of the famed Stags Leap District, marked the beginning of their commitment to land stewardship. The winery developed as a natural outcome from their desire to share the land and wine with family and friends. Today, Baldacci Family Vineyards owns 50 acres across three appellations and produces a diverse portfolio of estate grown wines from Carneros, Stags Leap and Calistoga.

    Baldacci Famiy Vineyard

    Tom and Brenda Baldacci fell in love with the Napa Valley in 1998. Their purchase of the 28.7 acre vineyard parcel, located in the heart of the famed Stags Leap District, marked the beginning of their commitment to land stewardship. The winery developed as a natural outcome from their desire to share the land and wine with family and friends. Today, Baldacci Family Vineyards owns 50 acres across three appellations and produces a diverse portfolio of estate grown wines from Carneros, Stags Leap and Calistoga.

    Boeger Winery

    Boeger is committed not only to making the highest quality wines, but to pushing the boundaries of winemaking as well. Greg Boeger was one of the state's first producers of a varietal Merlot when it was virtually unheard of in California. Today he is a pioneer of innovative blends, drawing from over twenty-five varieties of grapes grown at the estate. Boeger is quickly becoming known for bringing new and uncommon varietals to the market place.

    Coldani Olive Ranch

    Calivirgin olive oil, a Lodi olive oil, is grown and produced by Coldani Olive Ranch, part of a diversified farming company in the Lodi-Delta region of California. The majority of our family and sales team are California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo graduates. The idea to farm olives derived from a Cal Poly senior project which originally started out as a vineyard design but quickly became olive groves after the discovery of how well they would grow in Lodi's fertile soils which have produced world-class wines for decades. Coldani Olive Ranch utilizes oil derived exclusively from its own olive groves, one of the only producers in the Lodi region to do so. It is in this way that we are able to guarantee every bottle contains only the highest quality olive oil available. The central valley of California enjoys the same Mediterranean climate as the olive growing regions of Italy, except, we have also been blessed with the fertile soils and abundant water supply of the Lodi-Delta region. The modern planting and machine-harvesting techniques utilized at Coldani Olive Ranch allow harvest to occur at optimum fruit maturity for flavor and freshness. Mechanical harvesting allows the olives to be picked quickly, untouched by human hands and without contact with the soil or other contaminants. These fresh olives are then milled within hours of harvest using state-of-the-art cold-temperature extraction technology to ensure a clean and unadulterated oil. All of our extra virgin olive oil is estate grown; we don't use any pesticides and our product is organically and sustainably produced from our family owned and operated farm. Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been Seal-Certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). A Seal-Certified olive oil offers the highest standard of quality to American consumers with positive taste elements, no taste defects, and less than .5% free oleic acid, as determined during a blind tasting by a qualified panel of experts.

    Dehlinger Winery

    Dehlinger Winery is located in the heart of its 45 acre vineyard on a ridge of red gravelly soil in Sonoma County's cool Russian River Valley. The alternating influences of California sun, and fog from the Pacific Ocean 13 miles to the West, create a hybrid climate favorable for hillside grape growing. Started by Davis-trained enologist Tom Dehlinger with the planting of the initial 14 acres of vineyard in 1975, the first vintages were made from purchased Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel grapes from other Sonoma County vineyards. From the start, the emphasis has been on small amounts of hand-worked, barrel-aged wines made with the aim of extracting, developing, and preserving the maximum flavor from the grapes. Dehlinger Winery has a national reputation among wine connoisseurs that outstrips its physical size. Critical publications have consistently given strong reviews for close to thirty years. Wine writers have praised the winery for its uniqueness, quality, consistency and value. The winery engages in no expensive promotion or publicity so that prices remain reasonable. We do not offer on-site tasting.

    Dreyer Sonoma Winery / Il Cuore Wine Cellars

    The DREYER FAMILY has been involved in California agriculture for fifty years growing grapes, olives, tree fruit, cotton and tomatoes. The Dreyers branched into the premium wine grape business with the purchase of Grand Cru Vineyards in Glen Ellen, Sonoma Valley, California. The family sold this brand to another winery but continues to produce high quality and high value wines under the Dreyer Sonoma and Compass brands. Walter Dreyer has extensive experience in the consumer food products industry managing Oroweat Foods thirty plus years. He has served as president of the Sonoma County Wineries Association, the Sonoma Valley Vintners Association, and has served as a director of the Wine Institute.

    Frog's Leap Wine Cellars

    Frog’s Leap is home amongst 130 acres of vineyards in Rutherford at the historic Red Barn. This grand and welcoming building was built in 1884 as the Adamson Winery and renovated in 1994 as Frog’s Leap’s permanent home. Using the best of Napa Valley’s organically grown grapes and the most traditional winemaking techniques, Frog's Leap strives to produce wines that deeply reflect the soils and climate from which they emanate. Using traditional techniques of winemaking and with the addition of our care and stewardship as winegrowers and winemakers, we handcraft our limited production offerings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for your enjoyment and pleasure.

    Gallegos Wines


    Ignacio and his sons, Ignacio III and Eric have been makingwine at home for many years. Ignacio’s love for wine andpride for producing quality grapes has inspired the family to open up a new chapter in the family business. The grapes for the wines are sourced directly from Gallegos vineyard management clients. This allows total control of the wine making process from pruning the vines in the winter, up untilthe wine is in the bottle. The fruit is hand selected by the family at harvest. The Gallegos wines stem from the family legacy of farming grapes in the Napa Valley since the 1950’s. Gallegos Wines represent the collaboration of their history with highly acclaimed designated vineyard estates. Enjoy these traditional handcrafted wines paired best with good food, family, and friends.

    Hawley Winery

    Hawley Winery and Vineyards is located near Healdsburg, overlooking the Dry Creek Valley. John Hawley started the winery in 1996, after 20 years of winemaking at some of Californias most influential wineries. Today, John and his two sons, Paul and Austin Hawley, produce unique wines from their certified organic vineyards and select Sonoma County grapes. Visit the Winery website Here

    Le Grand Courtage

    Le Grand Courtâge is our vision. We decided to pursue our passion, take a risk and move to France with the goal of making a well-priced sparkling wine unlike any on the market. Intended to mean "the Great Courtship", our approach was to combine hundreds of years of grape growing experience with progressive blending techniques. This multi award-winning wine is a courtship between French and American wine culture, an unusual blend of four grapes from four terroirs; and it is the courtship between the wine and its consumer. We carefully crafted Le Grand Courtâge to delight the American consumer's palate and to be versatile enough to pair with a wide array of cuisines. Our motto is 'Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations.' and to that end our goal is to provide an affordable luxury that is perfect for "courting life" and celebrating its special occasions, as well as all of the every day moments in between.

    JCP Maltus Wines

    Producing seriously fine wines on two continents; Jonathan Maltus and his team make handcrafted, single-vineyard and reserve fine wines in both France and the United States Originally an Englishman from Africa, in his thirties he met a vigneron from the South West of France who changed his path for good. In lieu of payment for his help with sales, he received intensive practical study in viticulture and oenology. Two years later he purchased CHATEAU TEYSSIER, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru in need renovation. That it has had - the vineyard has been increased to ten times its former size and now has a state-of-the-art winery. The 'garage' revolution of the 1990's, started in Saint Emilion, was an ‘engine for change’ in winemaking and the impact of this has been heard throughout the world of wine. Estates that traded merely on their names now embrace the oenological technology and viticultural passion brought in by the 'garagistes'. Jonathan was in the middle of this movement with his sought-after wine LE DOME being one of the top-three cult wines from Saint Emilion. Not content with his work in Bordeaux, in 2008 he set up WORLD’S END in the Napa Valley. Emulating the estate in Bordeaux, WORLD’S END offers Single Vineyard wines from valley, ridge, and mountain and Reserve, varietal wines that will reflect the general diversity of the Napa Valley as a whole. Eight wines are made, living up to the reputation of producing ‘Old World wines in the New World’. He, his wife Lyn and family have been based in Saint Emilion for over 20 years.

    Leveroni Vineyards

    Pat Stornetta and Joe Leveroni, a sister-brother team, are winegrowers on the 570-acre Home Ranch with its 250 acres of vineyard and the family’s dairy of 500 milking cows. They continue a four-generation tradition of farming and conservation that has preserved this historic site since 1886. Our wines are all hand crafted by winemaker Julia Iantosca. Julia has a masterful touch of maintaining the varietal fruit flavors that are so prominent in this appellation. All of our wines express the unique estate vineyard from where they are all grown. Our family continues a tradition of farming and conservation that has preserved our historic home since 1886.

    Morgan Winery

    Dan and Donna Lee's dream of buying a property for growing their own grapes and providing a building site for their permanent winery came true in the Fall of 1996. The 65 acre property in the northern end of the Santa Lucia Highlands was perfect for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the two cornerstone wines of Morgan Winery. The Lee's named the ranch the Double L, short for Double Luck, for their identical twin daughters, Annie and Jackie, who were 5 years old at the time. The Double L is farmed organically, the only organic vineyard in the Santa Lucia Highlands.

    Napoma Wines

    "Napoma" symbolizes years of wine making in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. Tom Montgomery brings his 20 plus years experience and joins his partner, Blaine Brazil who offers innovation and drive. The result is a collection of wines that make a definitive statement.

    Renwood Winery

    Our mission to craft the most enjoyable California Foothill wines available on the market today is mirrored by our devotion to excellent customer service and a deep commitment to the development of California's wine industry. Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of beautiful Amador County, Renwood Winery is California's premier destination for well-crafted wines, offering a tasting experience that caters to all spectrums of California's wine enthusiasts. We welcome you to come share in our passion for bold Zinfandels, subtly complex Syrahs and sensational Barberas.

    J. Rickards Winery

    Welcome to J. Rickards Vineyards and Winery. We are a family-run operation of both wine grape farming and wine production, located at the northern end of the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Owned and operated by Jim and Eliza Rickards, the Vineyards have been planted over the past 30 years, augmenting the original 1908 Zinfandel vines. e Winery started in 2005, born out of the encouragement of friends who have enjoyed the small lots of hand-cra ed wine we have been making since 1991. We produce several varietals that grow especially well on the diverse blocks throughout our 60 acres. Zinfandel, both from the old vines and new plantings of old clones is bold, spicy…. Petite Sirah is both bottled on its own and blended with the Zinfandel, adding its unique character…. Malbec from the lower pond area, a stunning varietal…. A Cabernet blend we call Five Sisters is made from the traditional Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec, all estate grown. The majority of the grapes we harvest go to other renowned wineries in the area. Our Cabernet Sauvignon to the neighbor, Silver Oak, in their Alexander Valley label; Malbec to Francis Ford Coppola up the road; and Zinfandel and Petite Sirah to Dry Creek Vineyards and Winery over the hill. e plan is continue these partnerships and pick selected blocks for our wines. Our rst o ering is about 150 cases from the 2004 and 2005 vintages, growing to 5000 cases over the next few years. When Jim and Eliza Rickards founded J. Rickards Winery in 2005, their goal was to produce hand-cra ed wines that showcased the diverse soils and varying micro-climates of their vineyards. Beginning in 1976, Jim has established himself as one of the area’s foremost premium grape growers. He has pioneered environmentally sensitive vineyard practices and has been a long-time proponent of sustainable farming techniques. Winemaker Blaine Brazil was brought on board in 2011 to maintain the artisan style of making small lots from our special blocks of the outstanding varietals grown on the estate vineyards and by select neighbors. Jim and Eliza Rickards

    Rombauer Winery

    Rombauer wines are consistently ranked high in the wine trade journals. Many of the finest restaurant throughout the country include Rombauer wines on their list and feature them by the glass. The joy of wine is something that's important to Rombauer. Whether you are a collector of fine wines or like to have wine with food, wine is something that truly should be enjoyed. Rombauer Vineyards puts a lot of hard work and tender care into making drinkable wines. And because wine is a simple product to enjoy, emphasis is given to taking the mystique out of enjoying fine wines.

    Scenic Root Winegrowersy

    Jonathan & Susan Pey bring a combined fifty years experience in France, Italy, Australia and California to their critically-acclaimed "small lot" wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma Coast and Marin County. TEXTBOOK Napa Valley, The Forager and Spicerack from Sonoma Coast, and Pey-Marin all set the standard for style, balance and quality. "Find these wines - they will make you happy." - PinotReport

    Scenic Root Winegrowersy

    The true essence of Sextant Wines is found in its roots. With 486 acres planted, our Estate vineyards stretch across three distinct AVA’s: Paso Robles, Edna Valley, and Monterey County. Proprietors Nancy and Craig Stoller take great pride in planting clean certified nursery stock, allowing the rich terroir of the land to nurture the vines ensuring richness and unsurpassed quality which is honored by producing wines that reflect an uncompromised quality.

    Speedy Creek

    About Speedy Creek Speedy Creek is a family-owned vineyard and winery that produces high-quality, small lot wines from estate grown mountain fruit. Its 22 acres of vineyards are situated in Knights Valley AVA of Sonoma County, just a stone's throw away from Peter Michael Winery and Chateau Montelena. With a climate and hillside location similar to Tuscany, Speedy Creek is perfectly situated to produce grapes for world-class premium red wines. Our Story In 1986, David and Kathy Burton purchased 91-acres of raw land with the dream of turning it into a sustainable farm. Over the next 7 years, they carefully developed their hillside property into Speedy Creek taking care to preserve nature’s delicate balance. In the early 1990s, Speedy Creek was awarded Robert Mondavi’s grape contract for Sangiovese. Speedy Creek then went on to plant Mondavi’s favorite Zinfandel clone—the only Zinfandel known to be grown in Knights Valley. In 2000, David Burton took his passion for wine to the next level and began producing wine under his own label. The name Speedy Creek was inspired by the sounds of water flowing though the property during the winter and spring. Winemaker, Vineyard Manager and Owner Every decision David Burton makes in the vineyard is connected to the style of wine he wants to produce—rich, full- bodied red wines that exhibit the character of his premium hillside vineyards. By living on the property and being in the vineyard daily, he is able to make adjustments to the vineyard as soon as he sees the need. David says, “All my decisions in the vineyard become memorialized in the grapes. I truly believe in the old saying that a great wine is made in the vineyard.”

    Testarossa Winery

    For more than a decade now, we have enjoyed the honor of handcrafting our small lot wines in the fourth oldest continuously operating winery in California, the historic Novitiate Winery (pronounced no-vish-ut) in downtown Los Gatos. The winery was originally built in 1888 by Northern Italian Jesuit Fathers and Brothers from the college at Mission Santa Clara (now Santa Clara University) as a means to fund their new seminary college built on the grounds the same year. We received (and continues to receive) dozens and dozens of outstanding reviews including selections in every major wine writer's Top 100, Top 10, Top Wines of the Year lists, from the likes of Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Connoisseurs' Guide, Wine & Spirits, Decanter Magazine (UK) and the San Francisco Chronicle. The biggest highlight was selection of our Niclaire Pinot Noir (named after the Jensen's two children, Nick and Claire) as the Top Pinot Noir in the world by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2001.

    Tolosa Winery

    Tolosa’s style of winemaking reflects our commitment to quality. Our goal is to produce a perfectly balanced wine and to stay true to the characteristic of the grape varietal. Selecting only the top 10% of the fruit from our Edna Ranch's 720 acres allows us to consistently produce distinctive wines. We only produce estate grown wines that come from our vineyards planted in the cooler climate of Edna Valley, California.

    TR Elliot

    TR Elliott is dedicated to producing small lots of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley. Located in the heart of Sonoma County, California, this grape-growing region combines ideal soils and climate to create Pinot Noir of world-class quality. TR Elliott's search for the perfect bottle of wine began in Sonoma County with the harvest of 1978. For the next quarter-century the founder worked with the finest wine growers and vintners in the region. In 2002 he founded TR Elliott with his wife and two children, opening a new chapter in my pursuit of excellence.

    Trione Wines

    For 35 harvests, for 35 Septembers, our family has carefully farmed and managed some of the finest grapes in Sonoma County. With painstaking devotion to the land, three generations – Henry Trione, sons Mark and Vic, and Mark's daughter Denise – have developed a reputation for producing premium grapes. Our wines are characteristic of the appellations in which they are grown: the cool, slow-ripening flavors of the Russian River Valley and the rich, dark-berry essence of the Alexander Valley. Over these many harvest seasons, we have owned and managed more than 700 acres of the best grapes and soils in these highly respected Sonoma County appellations. We have learned to balance and blend the gifts of nature with state-of-the-art winemaking. Our grapes have been the foundation of many award-winning wines. Now we bring our grapes to you in wines bottled under our own label, Trione Vineyards & Winery. We are passionate about family and tradition, especially traditions that include good food and good wine. Our vineyards, our wines – and our winery – have been a labor of love, the culmination of our family's long tradition of dedication to Sonoma County. Please share a bottle of wine from the Trione Vineyards and Winery with your family and friends, and taste our commitment to excellence. Salute!

    Wild Hog Vineyaerd

    Our estate Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are produced from our 5 acre vineyard. The grapes are organically grown and picked by hand. Our estate Zinfandel is what first brought wide attention to the wines produced at Wild Hog. Our 1992 won a gold medal and best of class at the 1994 Sonoma County Harvest Fair. The Zinfandel is big and jammy with complex flavors of pepper, spice, black raspberry, and dark cherry. It is also well balanced and thus food friendly. Around 200 to 300 cases are produced annually. The Estate Pinot Noir has a characteristic cherry-berry fruitiness with intense flavors and a big structure. Production of this Pinot Noir is limited, making it a hard to find wine.

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